Agile Project Management

This program is designed for mid-level and senior managers and is available as part of our Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership.

Program Dates: There are no currently scheduled dates for a public offering of this program.
Delivery: Live Online - 3 sessions OR 1 day In-Person
(Participants need to complete all sessions to meet the program requirements). 
Program Cost: $1195 

Private Delivery Available: If you have a group of 15 or more, please contact us at to arrange for a private offering of this program!

Program Overview

Initially developed to improve software development, agile methodologies are now used across industries and functions to manage a range of projects. Harvard Business Review cites applications from HR to marketing, new product development to warehousing, calling it a “radical alternative to command-and-control-style management” that accelerates profitable growth.

This workshop-style program will familiarize you with agile project management; introduce you to its tools, techniques and frameworks; and show you how to determine which projects are suited for agile management, and how best to enable teams (or “scrums”) to achieve their objectives. It uses a hands-on approach that requires a high level of engagement from participants. Classroom sessions are followed by individual and team exercises that provide the opportunity to put newly acquired tools and techniques to use. This powerful combination of instruction and application maximizes learning and retention.

Agile Project Management is delivered over three sessions online in a fully live format. Unlike other virtual programs, it builds a virtual classroom community that allows you to engage with other program participants and share your own experiences and challenges. The program is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and covers the Agile content in its certification exam. It also counts toward the education requirement for Project Management Professionals (PMPs) and aspiring PMPs.

Program Topics

  • Agile background & definitions
  • Delivering customer and business value in shortest time as possible
  • Stakeholder engagement & the agile team
  • Managing risk throughout a project’s life
  • Planning & problem resolution
  • Continuous improvement throughout the life of a product
  • The SCRUM process
  • Case Study

Impact & Benefits

  • Gain a solid foundation of the Agile methodology and its components
  • Determine when to use Agile Project Management
  • Learn to more quickly deliver stakeholder value
  • Create highly productive Agile teams
  • Describe and implement incremental development methodologies
  • Utilize Agile measurement tools including team velocity, burn down charts, and agile estimates

Who Should Attend?

Existing and new project managers who want to expand their project management skill set, explore the agile project management method, avoid common mistakes, and significantly improve their success rates.


John Juzbasich, D.Ed.(c), MLD, PMP, partner at Merit Career Development. John has been managing projects and teaching project management for over a decade. His business experience includes a successful career at IBM and a variety of high technology firms. 

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