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Personal Branding Guru, William Arruda, Shares How to BUILD BRAND YOU

Lehigh University welcomed personal branding guru, William Arruda, to deliver a session called BUILD BRAND YOU to its MBA alumni and students.

In Marketing, Is Co-creation a Double-Edged Sword?

Welcome to the world of co-creation, where customers are no longer a passive audience, but active co-producers who are defining and refining a brand’s value proposition.

When a Brand Becomes a Rival

Humanizing a brand can be a highly successful marketing strategy—unless you're targeting people who want to express their own uniqueness.

In Today’s Luxury Fashion World, Ugly Is In

In the fashion world, ugly has somehow become a signal of taste, of the good life, of luxury and prestige. New research helps explain why.

Understanding the Benefits - and Risks - of Humanizing Your Brand

Research—and the Ghostbusters movie—have shown that humanized brand characters can create strong emotional bonds between consumers and product.