Accounting Student Outcomes

Lehigh Business undergraduate accounting majors enter the job market with a strong background in accounting. In addition to impressive job placement statistics, industry-wide recognition of outstanding preparation for professional success is reflected in awards such as the Elijah Watt Sells Award.

Elijah Watt Sells Award

About the Award

The American Institute of CPAs annually announces the winners of the Elijah Watt Sells Award.

The award is bestowed upon candidates who have obtained a cumulative average score above 95.50 across all four sections of the Uniform CPA Examination, completed testing during one calendar year and passed all four sections of the Examination on their first attempt. More than 94,000 individuals sit for the Examination annually, with typically less than 60 candidates meeting the criteria yearly to receive the Elijah Watt Sells Award.

“The CPA Examination is designed to protect the public interest and help ensure that only qualified individuals earn a CPA license,” said Michael Decker, AICPA Director of Examinations. The Elijah Watt Sells Award program was established by the AICPA in 1923 to recognize outstanding performance on the CPA Examination.

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Lehigh University Alumni Recipients

  • 2019 - Elizabeth Gregori '19
  • 2019 - Dave Shukla '19
  • 2017 - Kaitlyn McCollian '17, CPA
  • 2016 - Amanda Jacinto '15, '16G, CPA
  • 2016 - Chris Parsons '15, '16G, CPA
  • 2015 - Jason Ackerman '09, '14G (Zicklin School of Business), CPA
  • 2013 - Lauren Silberman '13, CPA, CFA
  • 2011 - Megan Cody '10, '19MBA, CPA
  • 2010 - Christopher Joseph Schoell '10, '11G, CPA
  • 2010 - Paul Zimbardo '09, '10G

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