Undergraduate Accounting Curriculum

Accounting Major Requirements

The accounting major requirements include a 12-credit accounting core and three 9-credit concentrations.  It requires accounting students to obtain the skills needed to function in accounting positions—the accounting core—while allowing students to tailor some of their courses to fit intended employment objectives.


Although Lehigh’s current accounting major successfully prepares students for a variety of employment options, many accounting graduates take entry-level positions in public accounting, often with the large international “Big 4” professional services firms. Because strong accounting competencies are also in demand at non-public accounting firms, including financial institutions and industrial corporations, one concentration contains preparation for public accounting, while two other concentrations may appeal to students considering other employment choices.

Lehigh’s accounting major, with the three alternative concentrations, has numerous advantages for our students:

  • It offers choices to our accounting majors while continuing to provide them with solid fundamental education and preparation in core accounting courses.
  • It makes the solid accounting core, which we believe is the best background for many business school students, available to more students.
  • It allows students to build upon this core background with concentrations designed to accommodate students’ varying interests.
  • Offering opportunities for new course development creates opportunities for enhanced faculty development and student educational experiences.
  • The three concentrations link accounting to related areas within the college.

For full descriptions of the curriculum and courses, link to the catalog.