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Georgette Chapman Phillips on Women in Business

Dean Georgette Chapman Phillips talks about the strides women in the workplace have taken over the years.

What’s in an Entrepreneurial Mindset? The Student Perspective

Lehigh@NasdaqCenter spoke with student entrepreneurs across the country about their entrepreneurial journeys.

How Lehigh@NasdaqCenter Is Advancing Inclusive Entrepreneurial Education

Lehigh@NasdaqCenter conducted a research study on the various factors that contribute to an entrepreneurial mindset.

Andrew Ward Explains NFTs

Some NFTs have fetched jaw-dropping prices recently. Does that mean they're a good investment? Not unless you have expertise or great luck, Andrew Ward cautions.

Liuba Belkin on Supervisor Compassion and Employee Gratitude During the Pandemic

Research shows that supervisors who expressed care and compassion to employees at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic elicited gratitude beneficial to the employee and organization.

How Much do Shareholders Really Value Female Directors?

Shareholders clamor for diverse boards. So why aren’t they voting accordingly when the ballots are tallied in director elections?

Class of '53 Business Grad is Thankful for Lessons Learned at Lehigh

Nicholas S. Gentile Jr. ’53 says he has always been proud of where he’s from. After attending Lehigh Business, Gentile followed in the footsteps of his immigrant father and became a home builder.

Corinne Post on Is the Future Female?

Study after study shows that having women on corporate boards brings a myriad of benefits to firms. So why does progress remain so slow?

Liuba Belkin on How to Manage Employees During COVID-19

Research suggests that employees are willing to go above and beyond expectations at work during a significant crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic. And their managers can play a critical role in that.

Influence of Women on Your Board of Directors

Corinne Post, chair of the department of management at Lehigh Business and her coauthors, had their paper, The Influence of Female Directors on Product Recall Decisions, published this past spring. Here is a look at what she has been talking about since that publication.