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Danny Zane on Big Pharma Marketing

Researchers asked executives and doctors about the biggest challenges and opportunities facing pharmaceutical marketing. Their answers may surprise you.

Marina Puzakova on Anthropomorphism in Tourism

Marketing a travel destination with humanlike characteristics can attract some tourists, but turn off others. What the tourism industry needs to know.

Rebecca Wang and Mathew Isaac On How Religious Ads Can Hurt Faith-Based Colleges

Colleges and universities using overtly religious advertising risk having prospective students rate their STEM and even business programs lower, research suggests.

Losing Their Religion? Reputational Harm to Universities from Overtly Religious Advertising

In new research, recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Advertising, researchers find consistent evidence that when a university uses overtly religious advertising or marketing communications, stakeholders’ evaluations of academic programs that are closely related to religion (e.g., Theology & Ministry, religious studies) increase. Learn more.

Need Yelp? Study Shows Search Ads Work for Small Business

Paid search advertising on Yelp can boost interest in small businesses that might otherwise get overlooked by consumers, research shows.