This is the inflation tag for Lehigh Business Thought Leadership.

Ahmed Rahman on Greedflation

A Lehigh Business economist weighs in on greedflation, a theory that argues excessive corporate profits have played a large role in fueling inflation.

Zach Zacharia on Top 3rd Quarter Risks to Supply Chain

Growing concerns about Cybersecurity and Data Risk top the latest Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index by a wide margin.

Fabio Gómez-Rodríguez on Why Inflation Expectations Matter

If consumers, businesses, investors and economists collectively think inflation will rise, chances are it will. With inflation expectations, believing is seeing.

Kathleen Weiss Hanley Explains Bank Failures

The reasons behind two recent regional bank failures were very different from those that led to the 2008 global financial crisis, a Lehigh expert says.

Zach Zacharia on the Biggest Threats to the Global Supply Chain

Heading into 2023, Economic Risk—spurred by the war in Ukraine, inflation, and labor shortages—tops the Lehigh Business Supply Chain Risk Management Index.

Ahmed Rahman Explains Inflation

Ahmed Rahman discusses what the federal government and the Federal Reserve could have done to more effectively counter soaring inflation in the U.S.

Can Rising Inflation Spur Wage Growth?

Rising inflation—provided the increase is modest—might actually be good news for workers who have seen little growth in their paychecks in recent years.