Henry F. (Hank) Korth

Professor Korth holds a courtesy appointment in the Department of Decision and Technology Analytics in the College of Business; is Director of the Blockchain Lab in the Center for Financial Services; is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering; and is the Co-Director of the Computer Science and Business Program.

Henry F. (Hank) Korth is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and co-director of the Computer Science and Business program at Lehigh University.  He is a member of the Scalable Software Systems Research Group. Prior to joining Lehigh, he was director of Database Principles Research at Bell Labs, a vice president of Panasonic Technologies, an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and a research staff member at IBM Research. Korth is a fellow of the ACM and of the IEEE and a winner of the 10-Year Award at the VLDB Conference.  He received the Bell Labs President's Silver Award for the QTM™ aggregation engine and for the DataBlitz™ main-memory storage manager.  His numerous research publications span a wide range of aspects of database systems, including transaction management in parallel and distributed systems, real-time systems, query processing, and the influence on these areas by modern computing architectures.  Most recently, his research has addressed issues in the application of blockchain systems in enterprise databases.*

*This bio was taken from and was originally published here - https://engineering.lehigh.edu/faculty/hank-henry-korth.