Center for Financial Services Blockchain Lab

professor Henry Korth


The Center for Financial Services Blockchain Lab promotes interdisciplinary research on the potential uses of blockchain technology in financial services. The lab is designed to engage faculty and students in producing research, conferences, and white papers on the applications of blockchain in areas of finance such as currency, clearing and settlement, capital formation, and efficient contracts. The lab's work addresses the implementation and regulatory challenges in adopting blockchain technology and the challenges and opportunities presented by central-bank digital currencies.

The lab is headed by Hank Korth (pictured). Prof. Korth holds a courtesy appointment in the Department of Decision and Technology Analytics in the College of Business; is Director of the Blockchain Lab in the Center for Financial Services; is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering; and is the Co-Director of the Computer Science and Business Program. Prof. Korth teaches courses on blockchain to both engineering/computer science students as well as to business students. The interdisciplinary mission of the lab is enhanced by Prof. Korth's membership in the Scalable Software Systems Research Group, where he works on issues in transaction processing, distributed consensus, data consistency, and performance as they relate to blockchain systems.

Corporate Sponsors:


  • Lehigh Blockchain includes over 100 students per year who join our weekly group research meetings, enroll in blockchain courses, participate in capstone projects, and/or participate in our Cryptocurrency Club.


  • Graduates of Lehigh Blockchain are having an impact on the field in startups, larger firms, and in graduate studies.
  • We are grateful to the many Lehigh alums from before the era of Lehigh Blockchain who have assisted our program.


  • Lehigh Blockchain has benefited from a number of professionals in the blockchain field who have generously given of their time to advise project teams, give invited talks in classes, and provide a larger community for our students

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