Testimonial: Executive Certificate in Supply Chain Management

Barbara works at Avantor as a senior buyer. She has worked in supply chain for over 20 years but had no formal training (she has a Bachelor’s degree in finance and an MBA) until a supervisor suggested Lehigh’s Executive Certificate in Supply Chain Management to her.  

“Because of my two decades of experience, some of the program content was very familiar, but some of it was new to me. Taken together, the six programs give you a more holistic view of supply chain. It’s not just about forecasting, purchasing, or planning. The professors gave us new ways of thinking about it all. They give you a better understanding both of supply chain and how your job relates to it. In particular, the statistical modeling was pertinent to what I was working on at the time. It’s been a long time since I took statistics in college so I found it to be really useful. 

Only recently has supply chain become an actual curriculum, so a lot of people with experience, like me, don’t have formal training. You tend to know only what the person who trained you knew. The certificate changes that. It gives you real knowledge about the issues you are experiencing in the workplace. I enjoyed learning with the other participants, who were all working in supply chain. They had plenty of experience and great questions.