‘Best and Brightest’

Poets&Quants news website recognizes four Lehigh students who stood out in the nation’s Class of 2022 for their academic excellence.

Connor Sept ’22

Investment Banking Analyst at
Financial Technology Partners

Connor Sept

Poets&Quants, Business Major

Connor Sept ’22 was in the Integrated Business & Engineering Honors Program focused on financial engineering. He holds three records on Lehigh’s D1 varsity swim team. He believes new business students should familiarize themselves with as many career paths as possible, as early as possible. To Sept, one of the most appealing things about studying business is its dynamic nature and vast number of unknowns. He was drawn to fintech because of the constant innovation within the industry that allows him to continually learn. Sept is proud of his work with the athletic office and student athletes to launch Lehigh’s first student athlete networking event.

Kati Dempsey ’22 MBA

Independent Consultant,
Strategic Design & Innovation

Kati Dempsey

Poets&Quants, Online MBA

Kati Dempsey ’22 followed her curiosity to a Lehigh FLEX MBA “Lunch & Learn” being held at her company and quickly took advantage of the opportunity to “test drive” the MBA, which came with some rivalrous hesitation rooted in her undergraduate loyalties to Bucknell. As an online student, Dempsey appreciated the flexibility of the program, the ability to be “live” with the professor and classmates, and the opportunity to attend a university that would not have been geographically possible otherwise. Dempsey says, the FLEX MBA program gave her the knowledge and experience to have a voice in business-related discussions in which she previously would have remained silent.

Lana Butorovic ’22

Technology Consultant at EY

Lana Butorovic

Poets&Quants, Business Major

Lana Butorovic ’22 is from Podgorica, Montenegro. She says she spent two years putting continuous effort into perfecting her Lehigh application. She majored in finance and business information systems. Butorovic believes continuous learning and active listening are essential to running a business as well as connecting with customers and putting them first. Her advice to students looking to be business majors is to stay curious outside of class and up to date on business trends. One thing she would have done differently is to have networked more with alumni outside of her major, in case she wants to expand her focus someday.

Harini K. Kataria ’22 MBA

Manager, Insights and Experience Strategy at Johnson & Johnson

Harini Kataria

Poets&Quants, Online MBA

Harini K. Kataria ’22 MBA didn’t think she would find a career path that checked every box on her list, but she says her FLEX MBA made that possible. Kataria got her undergrad degree in molecular biology at Lehigh, so she had fond memories and knew the quality of the programs. She appreciated how her FLEX program was structured to suit her needs and timeline. Kataria was surprised and pleased at the ability to develop meaningful relationships and friendships with classmates she never met in-person. She feels the knowledge she’s gained differentiates her from her peers and allows her to help her colleagues think differently.