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Policymakers Should Focus More on Prenatal Care, Study Suggests

A recent study that shows pregnant women with long-distance commutes are at higher risk for adverse birth outcomes highlights the need for more public discussion about prenatal care.

The Surprising Truth About Immigration and Tech Growth

When high-tech jobs boom in an area, immigration often does, too. But it primarily occurs at the lower-skilled end of the labor spectrum, research shows.

Gaining Much-Needed Perspectives on Brexit

Confused by Brexit? Add the latest journal from the Martindale Center for the Study of Private Enterprise to your summer reading list.

Breaking Boundaries Between Business and Engineering: Going from ‘E to E’

"E to E," a new initiative that will prepare engineers to be executives, is just one example of how Lehigh Business continues to break boundaries between business and technology.

Vaccination: When ‘Fake News’ Has Lasting Consequences

Science has long concluded there is no link between vaccines and autism. So why do some people refuse to believe it? Confirmatory bias helps explain.

Is Globalization Good for the World’s Poor?

Over the past century, the benefits of globalization do not happen quickly in developing nations. But they do eventually happen, history shows us.

Selling the Air

Focusing on how digital transformation can create value across the platform, instead of just within an organization, is a win-win for both customers and companies.

Who Benefits Most from Occupational Licensing?

Occupational licenses are now required by various states for more than 1,000 jobs covering three out of every 10 American workers.

Can Rising Inflation Spur Wage Growth?

Rising inflation—provided the increase is modest—might actually be good news for workers who have seen little growth in their paychecks in recent years.

Might Microfinance Disempower Women?

One of the key benefits often cited by supporters of microfinance is that it empowers women. But some critics question the conventional wisdom. A look at some of the issues involved.