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The Case for Federal Regulation of Air Polluters Is Blowin’ in the Wind

There is a flaw in our nation’s current decentralized, state-by-state regulatory approach to air pollution: The wind doesn’t recognize state borders.

Are Economic Troubles Undermining the Chinese State?

China's failure to deal with mounting economic difficulties may portend increasing destabilization in the region.

Microcredit Really Does Help the Poor - Just in Modest Ways

Studies show that the impacts of microcredit appear to be fairly modest—helpful, but certainly not the magic bullet solution to global poverty.

Why the Government Mandate is Essential for Health Insurance Markets

Eliminating the Affordable Care Act’s mandate requiring everyone to have health insurance would undermine the concept of risk pooling necessary to make any market-based system work.

Why ilLUminate? A Message from the Dean

A message from Dean Georgette C. Phillips on Lehigh Business Thought Leadership.

Do Tax Cuts Spur Economic Growth? Be Skeptical

Looking at the facts over more than six decades, the argument that cutting tax rates spurs economic growth seems more like magical thinking than sound economics.