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Muzhe Yang on Lead in Our Drinking Water

It is not a question of whether we should replace all lead pipes, says researcher Muzhe Yang. It's a question of how quickly we can do it.

Ahmed Rahman Explains Inflation

Ahmed Rahman discusses what the federal government and the Federal Reserve could have done to more effectively counter soaring inflation in the U.S.

Mary Beth Deily and Oliver Yao on Paying More to Signal Status

Contrary to conventional wisdom, certain wealthy, knowledgeable consumers may be willing to pay more for luxury goods with a "quiet" brand logo, research suggests.

Jim Dearden and Chad Meyerhoefer on Restaurant Wine Pricing

Planning to order wine with dinner at a restaurant this Valentine's Day? Caveat emptor: A recent study shows that restaurants charge more for bottles of wine that they also sell by the glass.

Ahmed Rahman Explains the Pandemic Labor Market

Ahmed Rahman discusses how the pandemic and other factors have contributed to high job openings and low hiring in the U.S. labor market.

Lehigh Africa Business Club Holds Annual Conference

Lehigh Africa Business Club Annual Conference to discuss "Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement: Driving Growth and Innovation in a Virtual Economy."

Five Aces: How These Standout Students Found Their Individual Paths via Lehigh Business

Lehigh Business means opportunity. Hear how these typically reluctant freshmen evolve into bona fide campus leaders with bright futures.

Muzhe Yang – Factors Affecting Maternal, Fetal and Infant Health

Muzhe Yang's research speaks for the vulnerable in society, including pregnant women and infants whose health risks increase as a result of light pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, and other factors.

Alberto Lamadrid - Lessons Learned from the Texas Energy Grid Failure

The recent massive failure of Texas' electrical grid underscores the need to increase economic efficiency and better manage risk in the nation's system.

Chad Meyerhoefer on What Went Wrong with the Vaccine Rollout

Operation Warp Speed's plan to distribute the COVID-19 vaccines looked good on paper. So why didn't it work as expected? Chad Meyerhoefer explains.