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Georgette Chapman Phillips on Women in Business

Dean Georgette Chapman Phillips talks about the strides women in the workplace have taken over the years.

How to be Better at Working from Home: Tips for Team Leaders and Team Members

With so many people suddenly being forced to work from home due to the coronavirus, what does the research say about how dispersed teams perform? How can leaders and team members adjust their styles?

Policymakers Should Focus More on Prenatal Care, Study Suggests

A recent study that shows pregnant women with long-distance commutes are at higher risk for adverse birth outcomes highlights the need for more public discussion about prenatal care.

Freedom or FOMO: The Pros and Cons of Working from Home

Thinking about working from home? Here are the main pros and cons to consider before you broach the idea with your boss.

Answering Emails After Work Can Stress Relationships and Harm Health

It’s not just workers who feel anxious and stressed by employers’ expectations that they respond to work emails after hours. Their spouses and significant others do, too.

Should Workers Have the ‘Right to Disconnect?’

After-hours emails from employers are causing emotional exhaustion and anticipatory stress among workers, leading some to call for a “right to disconnect.”