This is the technology tag for Lehigh Business Thought Leadership.

Brian Merchant on the Limitations of Technology

In all the debate swirling around the new wave of AI chatbots, it can be hard to separate the hype from what’s real, the writer, tech journalist and author says.

Sanjay Shah ’89 MBA on Technology and His Entrepreneurial Journey

The founder and CEO of Vistex, Inc., discusses topics including the American Dream, entrepreneurship, bootstrapping, and adapting to “tectonic shifts” in business.

Georgette Chapman Phillips on the Year of Learning

In this episode of Lehigh University’s College of Business ilLUminate podcast, we are speaking with Dean Georgette Chapman Phillips about the Year of Learning program.

Beibei Dong on the Risks of Letting AI Choose Your News

Research by two Lehigh Business faculty members suggests there is cause for concern over the increasing role AI plays in choosing what appears in our news feeds.

Delivering Against Changing Priorities: Double Down on Agile

Leading banking institutions faced extraordinary challenges as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread globally and in the U.S.

Mobile Money + Mobile Technology Keeps Customers from Roaming

Bundling mobile money with mobile technology increases the odds customers will remain with a wireless carrier even if the price rises, research shows.

Overcoming the Challenges of Supply Chain Disruptions

With the end of the coronavirus pandemic remaining unknown, it is critical for companies to initiate conversations with their essential trading partners in an effort to respond in the near term while planning for the future.

Shift Happens: Andrew Ward on Preparing for Societal Shifts

Lehigh Business professor Andrew Ward talks about societal shifts, and how your organization can actually plan for things like COVID-19 and a world pandemic.

Libra Rising: Facebook’s Move into Cryptocurrency

The main barriers to Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency, called Libra, are political, not technological. That means now is the time to consider the implications for individuals, governments and the global economy.

Harnessing the Power of Technology for the Supply Chain

The Center for Supply Chain Research at Lehigh's 2019 Fall Forum will explore the technology, techniques, and tactics companies need to succeed.