The Lehigh FLEX MBA creates an environment that challenges its students to think in unaccustomed ways. Students are taught how to be clear and concise, yet critical thinkers, and also how to evaluate alternative strategies and action plans associated with the myriad of challenges evident in prototypical and non-prototypical business enterprises.

One example is the FLEX MBA Corporate Entrepreneurship concentration featuring VENTUREseries, a one-of-a-kind MBA concentration that focuses squarely on new venture creation. VENTUREseries provides students with unique, hands-on opportunities to act with an entrepreneurial edge. VENTUREseries challenges the student to find disruptive solutions to addressing problems even if the student is not immersed in an entrepreneurial work setting.

New venture creation is analyzed and dissected from the perspective of the established or developing company. These entities are committed to building new commercial enterprises to grow and remain competitive. How an organization can enhance its capability to market, organize, execute, integrate, and invest in new ventures is a constantly recurring theme in Lehigh's VENTUREseries Entrepreneurship concentration. The concentration consists of six required courses plus the completion of six additional credit hours for a total of 12 credit hours. This concentration is available on-campus.

"Having been in industry for over 20 years, I was looking for a new perspective that truly reflects today's rapidly changing business world. The Lehigh MBA Corporate Entrepreneurship track introduced me to a new way of thinking through interactive course work, leading industry experts, and an engaging learning environment. Challenging my business thought process and learning how to see opportunities through an entrepreneurial lens expanded my business acumen and enhanced my managerial and leadership skill sets. Leaving the program, I feel that I have gained a wealth of knowledge and developed new skills that better equip me for the next phase of my career."

Munzer Abu-Ghosh, May 2019 FLEX MBA Graduate

For more information about the FLEX MBA VENTUREseries concentration, please visit this page.