Center for Financial Services Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Center For Financial Services! 

Kathleen Weiss Hanley
Kathleen Weiss Hanley

I am excited to launch this new center within Lehigh University’s College of Business. The Center will bring together industry participants, academics and students in order to engage in meaningful discussions of topics that affect financial services.  The Center will host a variety of conferences, from panel discussions to full-day events, to provide our faculty, alumni and students with an opportunity to discuss and debate current challenges facing financial services. In addition, the Center will highlight academic research that may be useful to our colleagues in industry. I hope that you will take some time to explore the website and consider participating in the activities of the Center. I look forward to hearing from you about ways the Center can accomplish its mission.

Kathleen Weiss Hanley, Director
Bolton-Perella Chair in Finance

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