Over the next five years Lehigh Business will pivot from the perspective of comparison to other business schools to celebrating and expanding our strengths and define our goals by our own aspirations rather than comparative metrics. Our innate and distinctive talents as scholars, teachers and citizens underpin this strategic vision and prompt us to envision how to use these talents to break boundaries to achieve greater heights as a modern business school. (Lehigh Business Strategic Direction was adopted January 2021.)

Breaking boundaries compels us to come out of our comfort zone, venture into new territories and embrace the change we want to see. We commit to break boundaries with our students, with our research and with our community.

Directional Strategy #1: Students

Lehigh business student

Our students at all levels will excel at taking ill-defined problems and creating the structure needed to resolve the situation. From the first day of the academic program through degree completion, our curricula and pedagogy will prepare them not only for the business world of today but also for lifelong learning.

Directional Strategy #2: Faculty

Economics Professor Chad Meyerhoefer

Faculty research remains the life blood of our College. The ambitious pursuit of knowledge embodies the core of our mission and business research from all disciplines forms the cornerstone of our endeavor. We commit ourselves to remaining at the vanguard of high impact research that addresses and contributes to the solution of business and societal questions.

Directional Strategy #3: Community

mural in South Bethlehem

From our home in Bethlehem to our role as global citizens we will engage in the creation and promotion of societal good. Excellence in research and teaching are not insular undertakings. We take our responsibility to engage in the betterment of the economic and social infrastructure as a fundamental duty. Rather than building fences of exclusion we strive to open gates of inclusion.

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