Executing Strategic Initiatives in a Disruptive Business Environment

This two-day, open-enrollment program is designed for current and aspiring leaders seeking to drive innovation in their organization. This program is part of our
Executive Certificate in Management and Leadership.


Program Overview:

Disruption is upending businesses in every industry, from health care to manufacturing to education. New technologies, forms of communication, channels for reaching your customers, and more are making change the new norm. How can you stay ahead of the disruptors, anticipate trends, and proactively create a new sustainable competitive advantage?

Executing Strategic Initiatives in a Disruptive Business Environment will show you how. You will identify and learn to leverage your company’s current core competencies, and build an action plan that helps you capitalize on new opportunities in your market. You’ll see the process of innovation, starting with creating an innovative culture, to openness, to risk taking, through to drafting your own ideas into testable concept form.  The instructors bring a strong combination of academic, research-based learning and practical, real-world business experience. Their proven tools, templates, and real-time feedback will help you and your organization mitigate the risks of disruption and capitalize on the opportunities it affords.

Impact & Benefits:

  • Gain a holistic understanding of your current business models, and identify your core competencies and capabilities
  • Discover a lean approach to innovation that's used across the tech industry; test-and-learn is more efficient and agile than the old research-and-investment model
  • Personalize the learning through hands-on workshop exercises and collaborative teamwork
  • Learn proven tools and templates that can be shared with team members and leveraged throughout your organization
  • Gain a career-enhancing competitive edge with new knowledge and skills

Who Should Attend?

Current and aspiring leaders seeking to drive innovation in their organizations. These may include: c-level executives, directors, managing directors, VPs, managers, high-potentials, and those new to innovation, from a wide range of business functions. Entrepreneurs seeking to flesh out their business models and offerings are also welcome and encouraged to attend.


Joshua Ehrig, Professor of Practice, Department of Management, Lehigh University. Professor Ehrig teaches courses in entrepreneurship, strategy, and innovation and serves as Director-at-Large of Lehigh’s Innovator’s Alliance. He has served as a board advisor, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, founder and CEO of technology-related companies, startup accelerator mentor, and as a strategy consultant with large companies. 

Lisa Kent is an experienced CEO and Chief Marketing Officer with a proven track record in driving growth through innovation in both entrepreneurial and big company environments. She is the Founder of The Luminations Group, a marketing and innovation consultancy firm. Lisa is also an Adjunct Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications and Branding at New York University and teaches at Lehigh’s Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship.

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