Executive Certificate in Project Management

Project management is fundamental to business success, and is a rapidly evolving practice. Today’s challenges are being met with new tools and methods that allow managers to more accurately plan and execute on projects, with a dramatic increase in their success rates. The Project Management Certificate will equip you with the latest insights and practices you need to provide effective oversight of project that align and deliver on your organization’s strategy and goals. 

How do I earn a project management certificate?

The certificate is awarded upon completion of four involving at least six days of instruction in up to two years. Program must include two or three of the following: Foundations of Project Management, Advanced Topics in Project Management, Driving Project Sponsorship. The remaining one or two programs may be chosen from the portfolio of programs for individuals; Connected Leadership [link to page]and Advanced Negotiation Techniques [link to page]are particularly relevant. You may indicate your intent to earn an Executive Certificate by emailing us at execed@lehigh.edu prior to completing your first program or any time after.

Who should attend?

Existing and new project managers who want to learn the latest best practices and significantly improve their success rates. This includes managers who direct project managers who are not PM’s themselves.

What is the cost and what does it include?

The total cost of the Project Management Certificate is determined by the four individual programs you choose to attend. It includes all program materials, meals (continental breakfast, lunch and beverage breaks), exceptional learning opportunities with Lehigh faculty, and networking with a diverse group of fellow participants. All of our available discounts, including those offered to organizations that send multiple participants through the certificate series, can be applied. More details on discounts can be found in our FAQs.  

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