Undergraduate Business Economics Major

B.S. in Business and Economics Economics

Business Economics Undergraduate Curriculum

All College of Business students must complete the Core Curriculum, including ECO 1 (Principles of Economics), ECO 129 (Money, Banking and Financial Markets), ECO 145 (Statistical Methods) and ECO 146 (Applied Microeconomic Analysis), as well as the requirements for their major area of study.

Required for All Business Economics Majors

  • ECO 322: Competitor and Market Analysis
  • ECO 333: The Economics of Business Decisions
  • ECO 245: Statistics II

Business Economics Electives (Choose Two Courses)

  • ECO 323: Evolution of Business Strategy
  • ECO 325 / MKT 325: Quantitative Marketing Analysis
  • ECO 336: Business and Government
  • FIN 328: Corporate Financial Policy
  • ECO 357: Econometrics
  • ECO 358: Game Theory

Business Economics Required Capstone (Choose One Course)

  • ECO 273: Community Consulting Practicum
  • ECO 138: Economic Analysis of Athletic Complex Design
  • ECO 158: LU Corps: Economic Policy Practicum
  • BUS 211: Integrated Product Development Projects
  • MGT 311: LUMAC: Management Assistance Counseling

For full descriptions of these courses, link to catalog.