About the Rauch Center for Business Communication

The Rauch Center for Business Communication has three strategic goals:

1. Support business students as they develop the rhetorical awareness and skills necessary for successful business communication, including written, oral, and visual communication in varied contexts.
  • Collaborates to ensure student success in the Business Communication sequence required for undergraduate majors
  • Provides tutoring support for all business students through the Communication Consultants program
  • Supports students’ communication needs in extra-curricular activities, e.g. the Data Analytics Competition Team

2. Partner with College of Business faculty to design methods that use the transformative power of communication to prepare students for professional success.
  • Assists in developing assignments, syllabi, and activities that can enhance students’ exposure to and practice with business communication including writing, presentations, and digital modes
  • Promotes curricular innovations by providing strategic planning and logistical support for sustainable, high impact communication activities in and beyond the classroom

3. Combine research in emerging practices with insights from business and community leaders to provide opportunities for innovation and leadership in business communication.
  • Develops collaborations outside the University to ensure that practice informs academic approaches to teaching and learning business communication
  • Participates in scholarship and professional organizations dedicated to business communication