Asa Packer Social Entrepreneurship Award

This scholarship, reserved for social entrepreneurs, also includes a $18,000 stipend! 

Our one year MBA program can be a big commitment for those who have already entered the workforce. Are you already on the journey to solve one of the world’s most pressing challenges, but need the transformative education that will propel your social enterprise to new heights? Lehigh University’s newest, top-quality 1-Year MBA Program can help you realize your ambition, and it could be available to you for free.

Lehigh University has a strong tradition of pursuing and supporting entrepreneurial, humanitarian efforts, and of taking an interdisciplinary approach to solving the major challenges facing the world. Building on these traditional strengths, Lehigh's new 12-month long 1-MBA Program approaches the challenges of business by taking a multi-stakeholder approach, and allows students to grapple with major societal shifts such as climate change, changing demographics, disruptive innovation and big data which impact both business and society as a whole in a fundamental way. With this distinctively different approach to MBA education, Lehigh provides a well-rounded, modern MBA for aspiring business leaders, the 1-MBA Program provides an ideal business education for those pursuing society-transforming missions in a social enterprise.

Recognizing that the expense of an investment in an MBA program is often beyond the realistic reach of those pursuing a career in a non-profit social enterprise, Lehigh has launched an open competition for The Asa Packer Social Entrepreneurship Award, named after the founder of Lehigh University, which will provide a full tuition scholarship plus a stipend of $18,000 to aid with expenses during the year-long program. This competition is open to any social entrepreneur, aspiring social entrepreneur, or leader of a social enterprise, from anywhere in the world. 

So if you have a brilliant idea and the passion and drive to take that idea and change the world, but need an MBA education to implement it then we want to hear from you! 

One Year MBA Scholarship Award Details

The Asa Packer Social Entrepreneurship Award winner will be selected on their potential for creating a positive impact on the world, the scalability of the idea, the leverage an MBA education would provide to help realize your potential, and the viability of the organization.

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree from a recognized, accredited educational institution.

Steps to Apply for the One Year MBA Program and APSEA Scholarship Award

  1. Select the "Apply Now" button below to begin the 1-MBA program application.
  2.  In the application, select 'Yes' to the following question: Do you intend to apply for the Asa Packer Social Entrepreneurship Award (APSEA)?  
  3. At the end of the application, you will be asked to complete a video supplemental answering a few questions pertaining to your current social entrepreneurship venture or social entrepreneurship idea. You will have the ability to prepare your responses before selecting the record button.
  4. The scholarship is typically awarded to one applicant around April 30th. Applicants are welcome to apply earlier in the admissions cycle. It is possible to receive an admission decision and other scholarship offers earlier in the year, then have the scholarship revised if you are awarded the APSEA.   

Deadline Extended: March 1, 2022

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